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Main article: Other Factors that Affect Indoor Air Quality

Other Factors that Affect Indoor Air Quality by MWI Consultants

Aside from the common concerns that affect indoor quality, MWI also provides service to eliminate often-neglected or unrecognized substances that can endanger health or affect living and working environments. Here are some of them:


Many people take simple colds and allergies for granted and buy over-the-counter drugs to try to cure them, until they have really terrible and serious attacks. Skin rashes and asthma attacks are two of the common symptoms of the power of allergens to cause disease and discomfort.

Allergens come in many various forms and sources: from insects such as from roaches, dust mites, from animals such as dogs, cats, mice and from human-made materials such as furniture, carpets and others. MWI Consultants conducts testing to determine the extent of the problem and the right solutions to eliminate the source(s). The analysis requires the use of qualified lab technicians undertaking an enzyme-linked immunobsorbent (ELISA) assay.


Radon is a radioactive gas occurring naturally as a result of the breakdown of Uranium in soils and rocks. It is colorless, odorless and carcinogenic, often causing lung cancer due to prolonged exposure. The gas can enter buildings and accumulate through the open soil, floors cracks, sump pits, construction joints, basement pipes or other places. Measuring radon presence requires installing a tiny instrument in the basement room for a certain period. MWI Consultants can then provide services to eliminate Radon from the building’s environment.


Lead-based paints were very common in the past; and so, some old homes still have remnants of this poisonous element causing havoc to the health of people. The danger is multiplied when the old paint is removed and exposed to the air. Lead poisoning can lead to anemia or brain or nervous-system damage, causing learning dysfunctions. Quick tests to detect led presence require colorimetric lead-check swabs or samples which will then be lab-tested by MWI’s qualified technicians.

Indoor air-quality evaluations conducted by MWI Consultants are tailor-fitted to the specific needs of customers, incorporating an extensive assessment of all necessary lab-tests conducted and pertinent observations and solutions to enhance the indoor conditions. With MWI Consultants’ many years of experience in the field of industrial/commercial/residential air-quality remediation, you can be assured of achieving the kind of environment you require for your office or your home. It has reaped many good reviews for its no-complaint delivery of excellent services.

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