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MWI Consultants, Air Quality: What Happened to Our Air?

We all remember as children how cleaner the air was then. You could walk unpaved roads and still not experience so much dust as there were only so many vehicles plying the roads – perhaps, a car or two, a horse-drawn carriage and a few bikes were all you would encounter on your way to school over less than a kilometer distance from home to school. Well, this was how it was for many of us who lived in a small town back in our youth.

No, no such thing as air pollution then. Nor were we so concerned about the occasional wood fires we built in the backyard to get rid of the dry leaves and broken branches. In fact, even in the small cities then, air quality was generally more conducive to raising a family.

Today, our towns and cities, especially some parts in Singapore have been encroached upon by too much pollution as a result of more people moving into the cities. The main culprit, of course, is the combustion engine running almost all vehicles that fill up the roads – motorbikes, cars, trucks and buses. This is not to mention the proliferation of factories that run coal-fired power plants. The crowding in of the population over a wide area within our cities has likewise overburdened the air to a point where the percentage of clean air has drastically decreased below normal health standards.

This is essentially what happened to the air we breathe. It is quite obvious, isn’t it? But not really. We often forget one important factor that made the air what it is now. We brought about the degradation in our desire to improve life. That is, in our passion for making life convenient or modern or efficient, we have sacrificed the really basic things that matter in life, including the air. And not to mention the waterways, the food, the entertainment and even delivery of basic services.

In short, the air we breathe now is polluted because we forgot to consider that small things that affected our environment: the small puffs of fumes from a car’s exhaust pipe, the little amount of toxic gases we produce to manufacture toys, textiles or other consumers goods and the small contribution each one of us gives to the total amount of pollutants we throw into the air all add up to the cumulative effect of pollution in our cities.

What we have is something irreversible, to a certain extent. What little we can do to reverse the process can only mean something if we all, not a few but the whole population, turned back to the former ways of doing things – not adding pollution but maintaining a clean atmosphere and we hear no complaints about air or noise pollution. 

MWI Consultants provides services to improve the indoor air quality of homes and offices. It has gained good reviews from many people and publications over its exemplary accomplishments in delivering excellent solutions to occupational environment issues.  

James Mendenhall jul 18 16, 05:29
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Other Factors that Affect Indoor Air Quality by MWI Consultants

Aside from the common concerns that affect indoor quality, MWI also provides service to eliminate often-neglected or unrecognized substances that can endanger health or affect living and working environments. Here are some of them:


Many people take simple colds and allergies for granted and buy over-the-counter drugs to try to cure them, until they have really terrible and serious attacks. Skin rashes and asthma attacks are two of the common symptoms of the power of allergens to cause disease and discomfort.

Allergens come in many various forms and sources: from insects such as from roaches, dust mites, from animals such as dogs, cats, mice and from human-made materials such as furniture, carpets and others. MWI Consultants conducts testing to determine the extent of the problem and the right solutions to eliminate the source(s). The analysis requires the use of qualified lab technicians undertaking an enzyme-linked immunobsorbent (ELISA) assay.


Radon is a radioactive gas occurring naturally as a result of the breakdown of Uranium in soils and rocks. It is colorless, odorless and carcinogenic, often causing lung cancer due to prolonged exposure. The gas can enter buildings and accumulate through the open soil, floors cracks, sump pits, construction joints, basement pipes or other places. Measuring radon presence requires installing a tiny instrument in the basement room for a certain period. MWI Consultants can then provide services to eliminate Radon from the building’s environment.


Lead-based paints were very common in the past; and so, some old homes still have remnants of this poisonous element causing havoc to the health of people. The danger is multiplied when the old paint is removed and exposed to the air. Lead poisoning can lead to anemia or brain or nervous-system damage, causing learning dysfunctions. Quick tests to detect led presence require colorimetric lead-check swabs or samples which will then be lab-tested by MWI’s qualified technicians.

Indoor air-quality evaluations conducted by MWI Consultants are tailor-fitted to the specific needs of customers, incorporating an extensive assessment of all necessary lab-tests conducted and pertinent observations and solutions to enhance the indoor conditions. With MWI Consultants’ many years of experience in the field of industrial/commercial/residential air-quality remediation, you can be assured of achieving the kind of environment you require for your office or your home. It has reaped many good reviews for its no-complaint delivery of excellent services.

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